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Hey there,

Solving a project handoff problem

We're a web development company and needed a better way of creating project handover documents for our clients.

We needed documentation software that was:

  • Very quick to use
  • Had almost no learning curve for our staff
  • Collaborative
  • Flexible in regards to editing permissions
  • Did 1 thing very well ... create a repository of notes, links and videos related to a project
  • Was more visual than a project handover Microsoft Word document template

The result is Entrypage - a modern project documentation tool that is simple to use and that your clients will love.


  • Create private pages like this web development project handover and even more general public pages like resources list for web designers
  • Invite team members, and clients, and give them read-only or editing rights
  • Customise theme colors and add your logo
  • Embed Youtube or Loom videos
  • Create cards rapidly and drag & drop to re-order
  • View your Entrypage as a web page on any device

Project documentation for your industry

Entrypages are easy to use and oh-so-quick to setup and they can be used in any industry. Whether your company hands over IT projects, construction projects or in fact any project try Entrypage for free and use it as the front page to your projects.

Entrypages in action

Example Project Pages


Human Resources guide

Give new and existing employees a central place to view all important company tools & links.


Web development project handover document

Handover documentation done differently. Hand over a more modern, and more visual project handoff document.


Share public lists

It's not only for private lists. Create public lists like this repository of the best design tools for web designers.

Get your micro wiki on

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