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Create a collection of notes, website links & videos rapidly


Hey there,

Entrypage helps you create lists of website links, notes and videos specific to a project or topic in a super simple modern way.

The experience is less like traditional online bulletin boards, corkboards, pinboards or whiteboards and is more similar to using link-in-bio tools, but for your projects.

Create private shareable link pages with your clients like this project wiki, or a public list for the world to see and use.


  • Create public or private pages
  • Invite team members and give the read-only or editing rights
  • Customise theme colors and add your logo
  • Embed Youtube or Loom videos
  • Create cards rapidly and drag & drop to re-order
  • View your Entrypage as a web page on any device

Create your free bulletin board online

Entrypages are easy to use and oh-so-quick to setup.

Try it for free and use Entrypage as the front page to your projects.

Entrypages in action

Example Micro Bulletin Boards


Human Resources guide

Give new and existing employees a central place to view all important links.


Web development project wiki

Web development agencies - save links to the resources your client needs to know about.


The best design resources

Save links to your favourite design resources and share with your team.

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