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Hey there team wiki software discoverer,

Entrypage helps you create wikis for any team project quickly and easily.

Entrypages are micro wikis. Essentially a confluence of resources that are important to your team and each project they work on.

Make public wikis and share them with the world, like this best web design resources list.

Or, make private team wikis for your staff like this human resources wiki for startups.

Team wiki features

  • Public or private wikis
  • Invite team members
  • Customise theme colors
  • Add your logo
  • Embed video
  • Create cards rapidly
  • View your wiki as a web page on any device

Unlike wikis and collaboration software found within developer tools or within developer products like Github and Gitlab, Entrypages are perfect for team and client access across silos.

They're easy to use and oh-so-quick to setup.

So, whether your team is made up of marketers, designers, developers or a heirarchy of managers, Entrypages are easy for everyone to use and consume.

Try it for free and start using Entrypage as the front page to your projects.

Entrypages in action

Wiki examples


Human Resources guide

Give new and existing employees a central place to view all important links.


Web development project wiki

Web development agencies - save links to the resources your client needs to know about.


The best design resources

Save links to your favourite design resources and share with your team.

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