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This Entrypage wiki example demonstrates how startups and companies can create a public or private Human Resource wiki for new employees containing all the important information and links that new employees need. Creating a bookmarking page like Entrypage is as simple as using a 'link-in-bio' tool. Simply add your content, drag & drop cards, embed videos, change colors and upload your logo.

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Org Chart

Find out whose who in the zoo as well as all contact details of your co-workers.

Brand Assets

All logos, color palettes and brand guidelines can be found here.


You'll find a list of all our investors on the investor page on our website.


Salaries are paid on the last day of the month. Click below to login to our payroll software to access your prior pay slips and tax certificates.

Employee Share Options

All early emloyees are part of the Employee Share Options Scheme. Details of the ESO, tax implications and FAQs can be found here.


We provide an FAQ on tax questions that our team members have asked in the past. Have a read and find tax answers fast.


We use Deputy as our Employee scheduling software. Use Deputy to swap shifts, enter leave requests and communicate with team members about scheduling.

Personal Development

As part of your package you will have been given a personal development training budget. Please read the rules about the type of training that is approved.

Customer Engagement

We encourage you to work 1 day / quarter on help desk to understand customer issues. Read the help desk guidelines regularly. They are updated monthly.

Social Media

Jess McNeil manages our social media. She has written guidelines for usage if sharing or commenting on company posts.


We encourage you to contribute blog posts related to your field of expertise. Read the requirements for submitting blog posts.

Slack Guidelines

Slack is used for internal communication. Read the rules and guidelines for effective Slack use in your team.

Dropbox Guidelines

Don't store anything locally. Be sure to read and follow our Dropbox guidelines.

Design Team

If you're a member of the design team be sure to read the design team wiki.

Tech Team

If you're a member of the technical (development) team be sure to read the dev team wiki, which includes important links to workflows, best practices and tools we use and recommend.


Anything we've missed? If you have any questions regarding this wiki, or any suggestions for improving it, please contact Ben Person on